Thursday, August 20, 2009

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Palma de Mallorca - Eating out - Bolixe

Spending every day in front of this restaurant because it is just on my way to the center, and I always felt a strong attraction to this place. Maybe because I find nice to see people who eat at any time of day, especially if it is, as in this case, a restaurant that is not on any of the touristy streets of Palma. So I started to wonder how the food was, and I noticed a small screen in a corner of a window, which projects non-stop pictures of delicious, tempting meat dishes. I also always liked the aesthetics of the place, very bright, furnished with tables and chairs very simple, made me think of an elegant place, clean, simple and cozy at the same time.

So when my brother came to spend a week here with me, I have not missed an opportunity to explore this new place with him and a friend. And it was love at first sight.
First of all, even if it were now 23:15 and the restaurant should have closed at 23.30, we were immediately accompanied to the only free table, and the owner welcomed us with a smile most effective I've ever seen in a restaurant. We advised gently a couple of dishes were no longer available and has left us with diligent study of our menu.

I would say that we've taken our time to decide. Here are specialized in meat from the South American way, and all the different options looked so appetizing. In the end we opted for a plate of Pimientos Padron (grilled green peppers sprinkled with coarse salt) and one with five different varieties of local ham as a starter, while main course, my brother chose the Asado de Tira (grilled ribs ), and I and our friend, we launched a Entrecote de cebón (beef), covered with melted cheese. As soon as we ordered, a waitress super smile brought us a drink more than welcome: fresh and sweet vermouth de barricades, along with carrots and bread to be dipped in a mayonnaise and red beets in a sauce of green peppers.
Then we have devoted our energies to our generse portions of meat tender and juicy. All dishes arrived, accompanied by potatoes and red peppers as a side dish, and the quantities were so abundant that I have not had the courage to taste the bread and I also had some difficulty before he could finiorla. All this was accompanied by a robust local merlot. I must confess that I was enormously pleased with my dish, and my companions of them, so that we decided to challenge the amplitude of our stomachs and make room for dessert. Anyway, we went light: I got a lemon sorbet, made with lemons actually true, given the small pieces that abounded there, washed down with a generous splash of vodka, while my brother opted for a vanilla ice cream Catalan Melody (a English liqueur that has the same sweet taste of the same name). But the best part came when the waitress arrived with two bottles of alcohol in his hand, and poured vodka and cream at will, leaving even the bottle of the cream on our table if we had wanted a little '.
And while we taste everything, the clock marked almost one o'clock and yet you could not perceive any sign of impatience from the staff, they were still all smiles and good humor (I hate waiters who make you know that you are not welcome faces wearing body). We asked for the bill, which came with two surprises. The first is that we have offered a digester at our option, and I throw myself on the island's typical liquor, the Hierbas Dulces, similar to our sambuca, the second surprise is that we have spent only 75 € for all the good food el 'attention we received. So we went out, leaving a good tip, but above all very happy with our experience at Bolixe.

When you switch from Palma, I recommend do not miss the chance to eat here. You can visit their official website or their blog for all the information you'll ever need e. .. Bon appetit!


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